Lisburn Blog

Lisburn Blog

New Books soon to Come!

A series of issues us kept us from posting book information in the last month or so. But we are beginning together more information that should be of interest to all booklovers. So please stay tuned in the weeks to come for new books that we are publishing and will be posted here.

New Award for The Lisburn Press

We are pleased to receive the news that The Lisburn Press has received a top publishing award, being selected as the top publisher in the Baton Rouge area, as well as one of the top publishers in the deep south.  We appreciate this important award, and Earl, Joel authors, who are looking for a publisher to contact us.

National Book Lover’s Day!

August 9th is National Book Lovers Day-a day for those who can’t live without books and reading. Books carried memories from the past as seeing an old book will always transport you back to the time in your life when you read it. In short, books are magical. To check out a wide variety of books, go to