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Here are some thoughts I DID NOT share with my wife on Valentine’s Day.

Old Books Joke!

Some dusty old books on a shelf were talking with each other about how old and frail they were.

One book said, “Well, I’m so old, my spine is broken.”

Another book said, “I’m so old, my appendix has been removed.”

Another book said, “I’m so old, I’ve got wrinkles and people cringe when they see my cracks.”

Yet another book said, “I’ve got you all beat! The ink in my pages has smeared and now the small punctuation marks are gone. I’m so old, my colons ruptured and I no longer have my periods!”

Books Being Confiscated in Florida!

Students arrived in some Florida public school classrooms this month to find their teachers’ bookshelves wrapped in paper — or entirely barren of books — after district officials launched a review of the texts’ appropriateness under a new state law. To see this entire article, Click Here.


“The Jim Brown Reader”has sold-out!

Sorry to say (well, good news for us) that “The Jim Brown Reader” has completely sold out. If you have not received your copy, bear with us. A second printing is underway and we will advise when our new order has arrived. Thanks for understanding.

Can you have Too Many Books?

Interesting article in the Washington Post about people worried about to do with all their books. I hope you’re not worried. There’s always a corner, a table, someplace to stick books you love and want to read. Books are like old friends. I never give any way. To read the story in the Washington post, Click Here.


Great Books for the Holidays!

Christmas day is close in hand, and we are supplying numerous Christmas gift books to readers around the country. You still have time to order a book gift from The Lisburn Press. Check out so many good reads at night here on our bookstore.

We are not all red here at The Lisburn Press.

Maybe should have used a different color, don’t ya’ think? We pride ourselves here at The Lisburn Press, in putting together really interesting covers, that but tell a potential reader a lot about the book. Look over our list of selections. And order early, as we’re getting ready for the holidays.

Welcome to our NEW Blog!

We are glad you’re joining us at our new blog here at The Lisburn Press.  This is our new site where we will regularly update and add information about many of the new books we have in the works and soon to be published, as well as other general book information we think you will enjoy. If you were not able to attend the recent LOUISIANA Book Festival, you missed a really first rate event. As in the past, the festival was located at the state capital and surrounding office buildings, including the state library. A little rain did not dampen the enthusiasm or hold back so many first rate authors. There were panel discussions for aspiring authors, as well as wonderful presentations on children’s books if you love books like we do here at The Lisburn Press, we hope you will put this great event on your calendar for next year. We will give you plenty of notice.  The holidays are close at hand, and we will be having several new books ready for distribution. We will post more information about these new publications in a few weeks. We hope you will regularly check out the site.

Here’s how we look at fall.  Always a great time of year if you have a good book.