The Lisburn Press is a recent addition to the list of smaller Southern publishers. Our mission is to initially work with Louisiana authors as well as other Deep South writers in preparing and publishing biographies, autobiographies and recent Louisiana history. We are able to make available a wide range of services relating to publishing, including editing, proofing, formatting, layout, photography and graphic design.
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A List of books published by The Lisburn Press

Jesus, Jews, Jihad, & Me - Jim Brown has written an immensely moving and unforgettable memoir of his personal religious journey to the Holy Land. This is a unique road trip book as the author follows the path of Jesus and ends up by escaping incoming Hamas missiles by the skin of his teeth. He researches and reimagines both Jewish and Christian history that will prove to be fascinating to believers and skeptics alike.  There are crisp insights, amusing anecdotes, and poignant stories that are both elegant and persuasive.  A read well worth undertaking.

The much anticipated new publication of the authorized biography of Louisiana's controversial former Governor Edwin Edwards has been published by The Lisburn Press, and is now available for purchase. You can order this major best seller by clicking the Buy Now button below. Click here to order the eBook version.

MY LOUISIANA ODYSSEY - Few spectators of Louisiana life are as consistently interesting and provocative as Jim Brown. He seems to have seen it all in the Bayou State, both from the outside as an eyewitness, and from the inside as an active participant. In an unpretentious way, Jim Brown shares his journey of initially “discovering” Louisiana, and then taking the reader on an excursion into country living, politics, music, art, acting, family, religion, and a host of other themes that reflect a full life well lived.

Cajun Crow and the Mockingbird In the 1950s and 60s, the threat of communism galvanized Americans. During the height of the Red Scare, unapologetic white supremacist politicians fighting to preserve segregation launched a series of highly publicized hearings in New Orleans, alleging that the civil rights movement was a communist conspiracy dedicated to overthrowing the government. The book tackles weighty social issues with a light, straightforward touch. Click for more information and to Order Here.

The Tom Scott Story- Monroe businessman Tom Scott ran quite a successful power line and utility equipment company for a number of years.  He was candid in explaining his efforts to overcome alcohol addiction, and became a prime sponsor of Alcoholics Anonymous. He also sponsored an educational family foundation that sent many students through college. This is his inspiring story. Click for more information and to Order Here.
Reasonably Happy -Dr. Terry Ellis, a well-known speaker and minister throughout the South, describes how the serenity Prayer can help an individual stop fighting, accept life, and discover the happiness God created you for. Click Buy Now below to order.

The Jim Brown Reader - “Jim Brown’s writings offer reflect an awe at the grandeur of the many mysteries that make Louisiana and southern living so appealing.  Rarely does an anthology cover such a wide range of topics, from the evils of the current justice system to Buddhism, writing by candlelight, and Jesus Christ. Simply put, his writings are both engaging yet sophisticated in their relevance to the social and political landscape in the deep South.”

The Life and Times Of a Governor's Daughter - Victoria Edwards has taken a long look back at her life as the daughter of one of the nations, most powerful and well-known governors, Edwin W Edwards of Louisiana.  She reminisces about her past, her life, and the times of joy and heartache. She openly and honestly shares it all. Known in some circles as a writer of poetry, she has included much of it within. Order Here.

Churchill vs Hitler - This story is a novel that revolves around an epic golf match in Sweden on June 5, 1939 between Churchill and Hitler, and it tells us now that classic encounter determined the War's outcome and thus the fate of Western civilization.

Harry Nunez Legacy (de Villavicencio) - This is an inspiring true story of a young man's life journey. He was never fully aware of his ancestral Hispanic roots tied to the Nunez Family in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana.

Memories to Music - Author Shawn Hernandez says that music has been a lifelong companion and that not a day goes by without a song. Most of these songs are attached to a memory, hence the subject of this book. Shawn explores his love and personal experiences with music over many years.

FROM THE BRONX TO THE BAYOU - Over nearly six decades, trial attorney Mike Fawer’s prolific career as trial attorney led him to defend a charismatic Louisiana governor, a pioneering Mississippi mayor, and a wrongfully convicted man who spent more than a decade on death row, among many others. In his defense of those clients - Edwin Edwards, Charles Evers, and Curtis Kyles and all the others - Fawer was well known as an aggressive advocate who tangled with prosecutors and judges alike. Fawer’s skilled and enthusiastic cross-examinations disarmed opponents and persuaded jurors of his competency.

LONG SHOT is the story of Louisiana’s 2015 race for governor — but the story of John Bel Edwards’ improbable victory over David Vitter holds lessons for candidates and voters in all 50 states. It’s an inconceivable and sometimes hysterical odyssey that unfolds against the unique backdrop of Louisiana’s back roads, bayous, barrooms, and ballrooms. Click Here to order the eBook version.

THE EAGLE & THE HAWK - Retired Louisiana Judge Tony Graphia tells a compelling story about a city in crisis. Baton Rouge is in a state of siege by violent criminals, murders, rapes, illegal drugs and many other crimes. A combat soldier returned home to Baton Rouge and becomes involved in a dark enterprise involving a number of public officials.   It’s a compelling story filled with suspense that sucks the reader in.

TROUBLESOME CREEK AND BEYOND - This perceptive collection of short stories have an Appalachian setting, with two of them occurring in the Caribbean. These fascinating tales deal with disparate subjects– winning the lottery, Vietnam and terrorism, substance abuse, child trauma, island ventures and existential choices. Author Bill Weinberg has captured the real sense of these complicated personalities coming from Appalachia.

YELLOW JACK - This epic story begins in the 1800s down in New Orleans, following the 1853 yellow fever epidemic that killed nearly 9000 people. Greed precipitates a struggle between several families for absolute power. A fascinating novel based on a number of actual events. Author René Uzee has a great sense of history with his first novel.

CASE OF THE MISSING POODLE - When twin sisters Adeline and Victoria Paxton encounter a grumpy man with a frightened little dog at a Mardi Gras parade, something doesn’t seem quite right. Learning that Mrs. Constance Delacroix’s white poodle is missing from her stately St. Charles Avenue home, the girls are convinced they witnessed a dognapping. But is it just a coincidence? National award-winning author Rannah Gray wrote this first story in the Louisiana Mystery Series for young readers with great-nieces Madelyn and Katherine Tom.  In the spirit of Nancy Drew, visit your favorite spots in New Orleans and help our junior detectives solve the Case of the Missing Poodle!

PIONEERS OF THE PINEY WOODS - From family-owned sawmills and the first industrial lumber operations, to the birth of the southern pine paper and plywood industries, and the rise and fall of international competition, the Hunt and Davis families always adapted and innovated. Hunt and Davis families continued to pioneer frontiers in North Louisiana as they settled various sawmill communities and generated enormous wealth for the region. This is their story.

EDWIN & I - This amusing short novel, by New Orleans author Bob Crowley, recounts the fictional life and Times of Edwin Edwards, former Louisiana controversial governor, through the perspective of his conscience. The novel gives an amusing account of Louisiana's most flamboyant Governor.

is a delightful gathering of found memories from a full and energetic life. Baton Rouge residence Dr. Dave Davis looks back on his years of surgical practice in Baton Rouge to his enjoyable experiences of hunting, fishing, ski trips and fine restaurants. He has great stories about politics, where he served as the head of Gov. Edwin Edwards transition team when first elected. A first rate bibliography about a fascinating life.


Familiar Evil goes inside an investigation that sent shockwaves from Louisiana to London. When a young British businessman coincidentally connects with an American public relations consultant, the two end up working with authorities on an international criminal case that builds to an explosive conclusion. Click here to order the eBook version.

Thunderbolt is a true to life novel about the changes that are taking place in the Catholic Church today. It is a compelling story by first time author Chip Songy of a young Louisiana priest on the fast track for promotion up the chain of the church.  The gripping novel deals with current issues including the celibacy requirement for priests and the limitation of the priesthood to makes.  Our young priest also faces temptation by a female parishioner he is counseling.  His dilemma offers the reader a captivating story that builds suspense right up to the end.  Order now by Clicking the Buy Now button below. Click here to order the eBook version.

Clark Williams is the classical rags to riches story. He set out to prove that his religious faith has a place in creating a business, and he discovered unbounded success. He proved that building a company in the legacy of sound spiritual principles was the only way. Against all odds, this David in AT&T’s Goliath world today is CenturyLink, the third-largest telecom Company in America. It’s a compelling story by award winning author Leo Honeycutt, which outlines how Clark Williams took the simple principle, treat others as you would like to be treated, and turned it into a 20 Billion Dollar success story. A great read for business and spiritual success. Click here to order the eBook version.

Louisiana auto magnate Gerry Lane is truly an American success story. Over his 60-year career, he has become on of the country’s most successful automobile dealers. Now he's willing to offer his secrets to everyone who seeks a better way. Over a two-year period, Gerry Lane distilled sixty years of toil into this book. In its pages, you will find a funny, heartbreaking, roller-coaster biography of rising up from the dirt, dusting oneself off, and winning the race. You will also relive epiphanies as Gerry learned what ultimately motivates people and separates the doers from the talkers. It is true, the distance between winning and losing is usually short, often only a millisecond. Gerry found he was closer to success than even he imagined, and that applies to you, too. Order now by Clicking the Buy Now button below. Click here to order the eBook version.

With the success of his historic biography of former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards, Louisiana's Lisburn Press is releasing bestselling author Leo Honeycutt's novel, Over the Edge, in a commemorative hardcover edition. "This novel gets great reviews," says publisher. Jim Brown, "so with readers clamoring for more of Leo's research-based writing, Over the Edge is perfect. It's a novelization of the inner workings of the drug trade in Louisiana and how no one is immune." Honeycutt's novel is the story of stockbroker David Way who has it all until he gets behind in his finances, then gets desperate, then greedy. Way doesn't realize he's being manipulated into the high finance of the drug trade until it is too late. With no way out, no last-second Hollywood rescue, Way is doomed, yet he lives to tell the tale, "unlike Baton Rouge's double agent Barry Seal who was gunned down by the Medellin Drug Cartel," adds Honeycutt. You can order this gripping suspense novel by Clicking the Buy Now button below.

Former Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Brown's New Book, Justice Denied, is now available as a publication of The Lisburn Press. It is a compelling story of one man's fight against the injustice of the federal judiciary system. Readers will wonder just why there is so little accountability in the federal court system, and how secrecy can prevail and false information can be alleged by those who are supposed to be seeking justice. Justice Denied is a must read for any citizen who wants true freedom in American today. With unrivaled flair for anecdote and a deep understanding of Southern politics, Brown describes a fascinating cast of characters that were elected to lead over the past thirty years. Written with eloquence, this book will become a classic of how one individual was unjustly prosecuted and persecuted by the federal judicial system. Order now by Clicking the Buy Now button below.

Jim's NEW book is now available titled Adventures in an Alternative Reality of Living in Louisiana. Few southern writers have observed the struggles within Louisiana to "catch up" with other more progressive states throughout the country. That is because Jim Brown not only has witnessed the changes taking place, he was a part of the political process for twenty eight years. His insights bring practical wisdom for the present and a vision of what could be in the future for this deepest of the deep southern states. His observations and conclusions in are not just limited to within Louisiana. And that is the joy of this collection of columns. His lessons have appeal and application throughout America, and that is why his following continues to grow. It can be ordered by Clicking Here.

For 25 years, many cooks have turned to Jim Brown's World Famous Squirrel Stew and other Country Recipes "for country cookin" and many different game suggestions. The Lisburn Press now has a few first additions of this popular cook book that are a real collector’s item. Take your pick of delicious and creative southern country recipes that Jim Brown has gathered for many years. It’s a real classic. Order by Clicking the Buy Now button below.

A recent publication of The Lisburn Press, The Life and Times of T.G. Solomon is a fascinating story of how this New Orleans businessman built one of the largest motion theatre chains in the country. You can order it by clicking the Buy Now button below.

Start-Up Nation is one of the most important business and international political books of the year. Here's what NBC's Tom Brokaw has to say about this challenging book. "There is a great deal for America to learn from the very impressive Israeli entrepreneurial model... START-UP NATION is a playbook for every CEO who wants to develop the next generation of corporate leaders." You can read all about it and order the nationwide bestseller by Clicking Here.

Mystery of the Heart-Shaped LOCKET -This is Rannah Gray's second book in the Louisiana Mystery series. An award-winning teenage book about two unforgettable heroines in their quest to solve a mystery in Baton Rouge. A lively and fun filled book for all aspiring junior detectives. Click for more information and to Order Here.

ORCHID AFTER THE STORM - Romney Richard’s story, the account of living in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana and her struggle to free herself from her then husband’s domination, terrifying mood swings, and maniacal need to control her. Despite his attempts to bury her in the dirt, she emerges stronger than ever, an Orchid after the Flood.

Aaron Broussard has delivered a masterwork invaluable resource for every "rookie" federal inmate who wants to be educated about the intricate Rules and Procedures of the Federal Bureau of Prisons that will impact their lives.This book contains all the vital information that the author searched for in vain prior to arrival in federal prison but did not exist in any type of comprehensive form. This book will become your personal survival guide. This book is an absolute "must read" if someone wants to gain a firm grasp of the stark reality of prison life prior to the commencement of their federal down time bid.

CAJUN CHAMELEON - Spiced with the flavor of simpler times when TVs were black and white and Southerners looked at people that way. Cajun Chameleon is one part memoir, another part social comment on the historical South’s seamier side, and one person’s struggle to be free of both poverty and prejudices.  Set in the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s, Cajun Chameleon is an important novel that reflects many of the racial tensions and unspoken prejudices we experience then and now.

Author Martin Hugh-Jones reviews growing up in Oxford England, becoming a veterinarian, studied airborne diseases as an epidemiologist, and  becoming a global  expert on anthrax, where he calls the FBI conclusions in question.  A fascinating Read.

Sports Agent- A realistic and entertaining behind the scenes look at the representation of professional athletes. Oscar Shoenfelt’s memoir lets the reader know all the colorful involvement of professional sports agents. Click for more information and to Order Here.

The Brown Papers represent Jim Brown’s vision for Louisiana’s future. The Times Picayune concludes:  “A detailed carefully thought out analysis of the state's problems with interesting recommended solutions. Brown deserves credit for launching comprehensive printed initiatives unique to Louisiana politics."

Summer of Haint Blue Prolific author Jimmie Martinez weaves a compelling and engrossing story that follows a Southern boy's attempts to deal with the evils of racism in New Orleans.  His book explores the complexities of race and class. Click for more information and to Order Here.

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