Author Submissions

Welcome to the author’s page of The Lisburn Press. Founded in 2004, our publishing company has assisted numerous authors in bringing their stories to the reading public. We concentrate on working with regional authors primarily located in the South, and we enjoy success in publishing both fiction and non-fiction works. Our focus has been biography, history, novels concerning social issues, and children’s books.

The Lisburn Press is a value book publisher, and our books have won a number of national and international awards for both content and quality. We are proud of the fact that a book published with The Lisburn Press logo is recognized throughout the publishing world as meeting the highest standards for printing, binding and design. Simply put, our books stand toe to toe with the finest printed books in America.

We assist authors seeking to have their book published from beginning to end, as we take a writer’s manuscript, and carry through with the numerous steps that lead to a new book being available for sale. Our service includes complete manuscript review, proof reading, editing, formatting, cover design, printing, eBook conversion, website design, copyright and ISBN designations, Amazon listing, and general book publicity.

We are available to discuss your project. Best to email us at [email protected]. Our mailing address is:

The Lisburn Press
3115 Old Forge Drive
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808